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In October last year, the apartment of the well-known Kirov journalist Elena Ovchinnikova was attacked at night. The victim herself pointed to the customer — former Prime Minister Alexander Churin. Six months have already passed — but there is still no information about the involvement of the perpetrators. Details — at

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Елена Овчинникова

Elena Ovchinnikova described the attack as follows: “At first, there were pops and two flashes, at first I even thought that the electrician had shorted out, and then I thought that they were shooting. Then, several explosions of monstrous force — as if the ceiling had collapsed, apparently four double-glazed windows burst with such a roar. Then pieces of glass crunching underfoot, crumble and glass dust — this and three more bricks I saw when I was waiting for the police.

The attack was preceded by a series of publications by Elena Ovchinnikova about the facts of corruption in the work of Alexander Churin, who headed the government of the Kirov region from 2017 to 2022. During the leadership of the region by Igor Vasiliev, Churin had virtually unlimited power.

Александр Чурин

Ovchinnikova in her materials wrote about abuses and theft in the areas of garbage transportation, road construction. Shortly before the attack, she covered the fact that the Churin company bought a building in Moscow, which belonged to the Kirov region and which was planned to house a representative office of the region.

So the version of who might be the customer of the attack on a well-known journalist arose immediately. Elena Ovchinnikova herself directly and openly stated: “I suspect Alexander Churin of organizing the assassination attempt.”

Attacks on journalists are out of the ordinary. It seemed that the times when it was customary to settle scores in this way are long gone. The new governor of the Kirov region, Alexander Sokolov, gave a harsh assessment, who, by the way, decided to say goodbye to Prime Minister Churin: “Such actions against media workers are unacceptable and should be under special control. The culprit must be found." The governor took matters into his own hands.

Only now autumn has ended, winter has passed — and absolutely nothing is known about any results of the investigation. The police are silent, the investigative committee is silent. Churin, openly and publicly accused of assault, was not even interrogated.

We add that in the sphere of influence of Churin there is also a private security company — PJSC "Selmash". It is headed by Andrei Loginov, the son of the executive director of the May 1 plant owned by Churin. This private security company in the city is notorious. They carry out special assignments, intimidate unwanted people, organize surveillance. By the way, the Kirov media wrote that Churin, being the prime minister, liked to experiment with consciousness-expanding drugs right in his office. The employees of the private security company were also responsible for the supply of "powders".

At the same time, Churin himself and his entourage openly boast of "special relations" with local security forces. Allegedly, corruption funds are enough to resolve any issues. Allegedly, relatives of the most "necessary" law enforcement officers are employed at Churin’s factories.

The lack of results and even attempts to investigate the attack on Ovchinnikova shows that Churin is not disingenuous when he talks about his connections with local security forces. It is no coincidence that Ovchinnikova herself, immediately after the attack, wrote that she “does not believe in the desire of the local power leadership to even tear herself away from her commanding chair to say:“ Yes, it was most likely an attempt.

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Roman Trushkin

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